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Frequent Questions


Appearance, Attitude and Communication?

A company that works in a professional way will not send you grumpy workers with scruffy clothes and clapped-out vehicles. As for people making you wait or failing to show up when they are supposed to be checking out your work prior to preparing estimates, you don’t want anything to do with them! If they can’t be reliable form the start, they won’t be reliable at the finish.


Qualifications and Experience?

You don’t want to do business with a company that hasn’t been around the block a few times. Inexperience is bad enough, but when there is a lack of qualifications, that could be positively unsafe. Find out whether the company knows its stuff, can show proof of its credentials and only uses qualified electricians.


Check estimates carefully?

If a contractor just offers you a price for the job without providing any itemized listings, that’s a red flag you should worry about. As for verbal estimates, they are an absolute no-no. Be sure you get a detailed quote with every item listed.